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The FishCoRe Project, spearheaded by DA, through BFAR

The FishCoRe Project, spearheaded by DA, through BFAR, aims to contribute to improved food security and resilient ecosystems and communities. Its development objective is to improve the management of fisheries resources and enhance the value of fisheries production to coastal communities in the project-covered Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs).

What is the Project

Food security and Resiliency


support FMA institutional and planning development for the coastal and municipal waters of FMA 6 and FMA 9, with a view to maximizing ecological and socioeconomic benefits and building resilience in coastal communities.

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aims to enhance the economic value of fisheries and aquaculture to fishing communities through strategic and climate-resilient investments to reduce postharvest losses, expand aquaculture production, and add value to fisheries production.

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will be mainly responsible for overall project management and coordination.

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Let us Create Something Together

Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources


Registered Fisherfolks


Registred Municipal Boats


Registered Gear


Commercial Vessels

News and Updates


The FishCoRe Grievance Redress System (GRS) is a platform where you can raise your queries, positive or negative feedbacks and complaints. Para sa mga katanungan, reaksyon o reklamo at mungkahi, maaari kayong makipag-ugnayan sa mga sumusunod na contact details o mag-register sa grievance form.

Grievance Redress System (GRS)